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tire changes

You recently bought a new set of tires? Great! But unfortunately, that can’t guarantee that you’ll be exempt from a flat tire situation. All it takes is accidentally running over a sharp object. 


During a tire emergency, do not forget to pull over to a safe spot on the roadside first before you start checking on your tires further. Presence of mind is highly necessary to get yourself away from the road’s perils.


Depending on the condition of your tire, you might end up needing a tire changes. During such times, you can call a friend or a relative, but for an easier, more convenient solution, you have us at Vehicle Helpers to count on. Give us a call and we’ll be there in no time to give that reliable and prompt help that you need. 


Tow Truck Bethlehem highly trained technicians can take out your damaged tire and change them with your replacement tire. 


Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are 24/7 on standby and ready to respond to tire and other roadside emergencies in and around Bethlehem, PA, and are the most trusted towing and roadside assistance company in the area for a reason. 

Tire Changes

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