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Any type of tow truck is usually compatible with smaller cars due to their less complicated requirements. In fact, the majority of passenger vehicles can already be dealt with by a wheel-lift tow truck, a miniature version of the flatbed truck that we presently have here at Vehicle Helpers. 


Tow Truck Bethlehem wheel-lift tow trucks are the best for light-duty towing since they have the benefit of being able to operate in narrower places, making it ideal for those “hard to get there” towing situations. Additionally, these trucks are also employed in time-sensitive circumstances due to their ability to maneuver more quickly through the densely populated areas in and around the Bethlehem, PA area. 


For instance, unlike a flatbed truck which uses a winching mechanism to hoist autos onto a hydraulic platform, our “light-duty” trucks utilize a chain and strap system to raise the front wheels of your vehicle while securely fastening it to the truck so that it may be transported away while its rear wheels remain in contact with the road.


When you call us for towing services, expect a quick response from our professionals as we are highly equipped with light-duty towing trucks. Our highly trained professionals are familiar with the highways in and around Bethlehem, PA, allowing us to match your expectations by arriving on or ahead of time no matter what the traffic conditions are.  

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Our Wheel-Lift Truck is capable of LIGHT-DUTY towing for the following types of vehicles:



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